State of AI in Marketing


Introducing the State of AI in Marketing Report. This week we put together a bunch of charts, graphs and slides into a long report.

It all started by organizing my bookmarks

One night I was trying to organize all of my bookmarks and found some good nuggets on AI in marketing. Then I started putting them into a presentation. Then a few nights and weekends later, all of a sudden we have this lovely report. Now I have a headache and my eyes are dry.

Click this link to download it

Key takeaway

AI in marketing is still in its infancy and data is hard to come by. Most surveys show very few marketers are implementing AI, while some are thinking about it. New trends that are all the rage, like voice, automated ad buying and chatbots are also not frequently used by marketers and have limited use by consumers.

Despite this, there are still success stories within the AI space and as capabilities and functionalities increase, I only expect the sector to grow.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or things I may have missed. Since I don’t have an editor, formatter, or intern pulling research for me, consider this the “Beta Launch” and please let me know of typos, errors or other things I should include.

I’ll get back to writing next week.

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