Fun Facts


Since I took half of the week off, this week we fire off some fun facts.

Facebook is now making custom AI chips.

They join over 20 companies also making custom AI chips

However, because AI chips are also used for cryptomining, there was a shortage last year to the point where people were renting Boeing 747s to ship them directly from the manufacturer…

Google spent almost $8bn on capital expenditures. While $2.4 bn went to the Chelsea Market acquisition, being a AI/Cloud leader is expensive.

China has the world’s largest AI startup

The Nasdaq is open to being a crypto exchange

Majority of users don’t download any apps.

Facebook said its easier to detect a nipple then hate speech. On the topic of nipples, NIPS, the premier AI conference, is thinking of changing its name.

Other fun things:

During the Cavs/Pacers Game 2, the network flashed a stat that LeBron is second all time with 20 games with 40 or more points in the playoffs. MJ is first….with 38. THIRTY EIGHT

During the Yankees/Twins game on Monday, Michael Kay said Paul O’Neill has played in three perfect games, which means he has been involved in 1/7th of all the perfect games thrown in major league history.

This will be Ichiro’s 27th season (MLB+ Japan). He is also a 10x all star, 10x gold glove, 3000+ MLB hits, and 4,360 total hits (MLB + Japan) hits, more than Pete Rose. He has also always played above 135 games per season.

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